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Anti-Spam Policy

MailSquad does not tolerate spam

  • Subscribing to a mailing list via a form is automatically followed by a confirmation email. This practice commonly called "double opt-in" is mandatory for all subscribers.
  • Subscriber confirmation is confirmed when he click's on the confirmation link included in the confirmation email. During the confirmation process, MailSquad records the date and time as well as the IP address as proof of consent.
  • An email campaign must contain an unsubscribe link and the sender's complete physical address.
  • An unsubscription is final and a subscriber's status can only be modified manually.
  • All complaints received thru feedback loop's are automatically processed and treated accordingly.

Other anti-spam mechanisms :

We have very strict and rigorous control in place:

  • Manual account validation for new accounts whom contact lists were imported from an external source.
  • Manual approval when importing massive contacts from existing and new customers.
  • Monitoring and automated processing of complaints sent through feedback loops of major email providers (eg Gmail, Hotmail, etc.).

Any violation of this anti-spam policy can an will result in account suspension. Account reactivation will have to go thru a manual process.

Our strict anti-spam policy and built-in functionalities enables us to comply with international anti-spam laws such as the Canadian Bill C-28.

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