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Email marketing platform for resellers

Stop sending your clients to third-party email service providers. What’s in it for you anyway?

Best-in-class agencies rely on MailSquad

Do you develop email campaigns for your clients? Are you looking to increase client loyalty and boost your revenues? Do you want to slash the time it takes to create email campaigns for your clients—without sacrificing their effectiveness?

Then, it’s time we talk!

MailSquad is the only email marketing platform that has been designed by agency veterans for agencies in the trenches. Rather than offering our turnkey email campaign solution directly to your customers, we only provide our email pizazz to you—the ad and web agencies that work ‘round the clock to create stellar email campaigns for brand-names and up-and-coming stars.

MailSquad takes into account all the challenges an agency can face when deploying client email campaigns

Minimum training and user expertise level required.
Fully customize templates with our intuitive editor. Just drag and drop!
Spend less time fiddling with the layout--and more time on the campaign’s strategy and execution.
Understand (in a blink of an eye) how well the campaigns are doing. No PhD needed. Seriously.
Blaze through the billing process with automatic invoicing. Ahhhh... less admin tasks are just ‘round the corner!

Get ready to generate more revenues for your business

Eliminate unnecessary cash flow, you can automatically charge your client’s credit card account for seamless invoicing and quick payout.

Number of subscribers (2501 - 5000)
Number of clients (25)
Markup (20 %)

You could generate up to $ 4800,00 / year

What about pricing?

Check out just how little your clients will pay each month! Simply add your markup to the set monthly fee and rake in the rest.

Pay as you go also available. To see all plans, click here.

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